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FCCE: A Third-Generation Cross-Media Entertainment Experience Platform

A new Entertainment Experience platform that provides a state-of-the-art collaborative suite to join talents all over the world for movie-making and global distribution of media content.

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About our partner

FCCE is a leading international producer and distributor of entertainment and movie-related content. The company provides Entertainment Experience platform set up with social media, TV channels, events tooling, and an online community environment for talents of various facets. The platform generates over 400 hours of high-quality long- and short-form content per year for broadcasters, video-on-demand channels, narrowcasters, and digital, online, and mobile platforms.

  • Industry: Entertainment / Travel and Leisure
  • Market: The Netherlands, UAE
  • Years in business: 7
  • Company size: 45 employees
  • Type: Web, mobile
  • Cooperation with HYS Enterprise: 6+ months
  • Team size: 6 engineers
  • Engagement model: Fixed-price

About our partner’s challenges

After experiencing great success with the first and second generations of their platform – which won an International Emmy Award for best digital product – FCCE management came up with the idea for a third version of the platform to cover the global market.

The project resulted in a new advanced platform for creating entertainment experiences based on the concept of user-driven media production and distribution – a reusable, scalable system with support for multiple countries, languages, and genres in order to reach the global public.

What our partner needed

The goal of the project was to build (from scratch) a real-time cross-media community platform for user-driven media production and distribution with RTL support.

The platform was supposed to be based on microservice architecture and follow the latest tech trends. The scope of requirements included:

  • A web-based platform along with applications for iOS and Android
  • Fully configurable user accounts that support end-to-end integration within the community, on social networks and via Gmail account for seamless communication and data exchange
  • An extensive set of features for building and managing the community, facilitating interactive online communications, and supporting movie-making processes
  • The ability to upload and manage any type of content including images, video, audio, and text

Solutions provided

  • Cloud-based architecture using AWS
  • Content management system supporting dynamic pages with a wide range of options to build and manage the pages and pieces of content, including web and mobile components, videos, images, lists of actors and users, communication tools, and widgets
  • Sign-up/sign-in via social media and Google accounts
  • Data and content exchange through the community and on social media
  • Various channels for online communication and community interaction, including private chats, online discussions, conferences, and voting, and others
  • A full-fledged personal profile page that allows users to create and manage portfolios featuring images, video, and text content as well as their roles and activities in the crews and community.
  • A personal navigation widget that includes filters and allows users to search by events, users, communities, crews, actors, genres, keywords, etc.
  • A community member management system with options to configure skills and roles, create and manage crews and events, and moderate users and content
  • A system for managing media, channels, events, shows, and awards
  • Right-to-left support for all devices
  • A tutorial directory and user support capabilities

Technologies and methodologies

Development methodology:

  • Agile / Scrum



  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Loopback


  • Angular / TypeScript
  • Bootstrap
  • SCSS


  • React Native
  • Swift / iOS

Benefits delivered

Entertainment has unlocked the opportunity for the platform to engage talents from around the world and, more specifically, to boost the user-driven movie-making experience in the United Arab Emirates.

Besides tools for creating and distributing entertainment content, the platform now offers social networking functionality. Users can exchange opinions, form like-minded communities, and build international connections. Our client is now getting ready to franchise the Entertainment Experience platform in new markets.

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