Travel and Leisure

Travel Portal: An Easier Way to Book and Manage Group Tours

An automated platform for booking and managing group trips that increases efficiency for a group of travel companies and makes booking pleasant and convenient for customers.

Business Solutions Technologies Used

About our partner

Our partner is a Dutch travel company that wanted to automate processes and provide their customers with an easy way to sign up for group trips.

  • Industry: Travel & Leisure
  • Headquarters: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Market: the Netherlands
  • Cooperation with HYS Enterprise: 8+ months

About our partner’s challenges and needs

Our partner, a group of travel companies, processed most of their tour bookings by phone, which was slow and inconvenient. So they decided to go digital and change the way they managed bookings and customer inquiries. They wanted to modernize their businesses with a web platform that would completely automate the booking process for both managers and users. They started developing a backend system, then teamed up with HYS Enterprise to extend the functionality and complete the project.

Solutions provided

In collaboration with our partner’s development team, we built a fully automated system with features for managing group offers, managing participants, importing participants in bulk, processing payments, sharing documents, laying out and assigning rooms, and providing live support by administrators. Users now can:

  • Log in to personal accounts
  • View information about tours (dates, transportation, sights to visit, photos, insurance info, etc.)
  • Book group tours and manage information about participants, transportation, and accommodation
  • Choose the most convenient payment method (thanks to integration with a payment system)

The platform supports several travel companies, and the style and design of the portal are customized for each.

Methodologies and technologies

Methodology: Scrum Technologies: C#, ASP.NET Web API, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Angular 5

Outcome and benefits delivered

This easy-to-use platform for booking and managing group trips makes it easy and fast for users to book a tour and for managers to process booking requests. The platform has helped our partner increase their number of customers and develop their business more effectively.

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