Transport and Logistics

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An efficient supply chain with process and asset management software, planning, optimization, and LBS solutions.

Digitalizing core operations, automating processes, and optimizing the supply chain are key to success in today’s market. Transport and logistics businesses have to adopt drone-based delivery, big data, and smart location-based systems to become more efficient and faster while remaining affordable. With our strong expertise in providing a reliable process and asset management software for freight transportation, passenger transportation, and logistics, we can develop products that offer better use of infrastructure and resources, lower operating costs, and a high level of security.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Manage and integrate day-to-day business activities across your company to increase both employee performance and customer satisfaction.



Location-Based Services (LBS)

Adopt a more personalized approach to your customers and automate a company’s processes using location-based services.

Transport Management Software (TMS)

TMS will enable you to manage and optimize your day-to-day operations of transportation fleets.

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