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Salon Software Built for Easy and Smart Salon Business Management

Seamless user experience for both salon managers and customers with a fully automated system to manage bookings, monitor cash flow, gather customer and employee data, analyze performance, and send reminders to clients.

Business Solutions Technologies Used

About our partner

Our partner is a company that provides a cloud-based, all-in-one software solution for the beauty industry that helps salon owners decrease costs and increase sales turnover. The platform includes a wide range of management tools that provide a seamless user experience for clients.

  • Industry: Retail and Beauty
  • Headquarters: Delft, the Netherlands
  • Market: the Netherlands
  • Reach: Software used in 150+ salons
  • Cooperation with HYS Enterprise: 2.5+ years

About our partner’s challenges and needs

Before addressing HYS, our partner had an existing application that lacked functionality. Our partners wanted a new application to automate everything that could be automated and remove the burden of routine administrative work from beauty industry professionals so they could focus on the customer.

Solutions provided

We developed a new application that provides:

  • A booking system. The application plans the schedule for a whole salon, taking into account the length of procedures, availability of stylists, skills of stylists, and work hours. It helps prevent both overbooking and underbooking of employees and automatically finds the best stylist for each client based on skills and availability.
  • Integration with a speech recognition bot. When a client calls a salon, they can tell a bot what procedure they want. The bot recognizes human speech, records the request, and automatically sends it to the application.
  • A cash tracking system. Cash flow is automatically updated so salon managers can monitor the turnover of each employee.
  • Customer profiles. The system can gather all kinds of information about clients: personal data, history of procedures, credit notes, discounts, and comments. Moreover, when a client calls the salon, the system automatically shows their profile based on number recognition so the managers can know who they’ll be speaking to and be prepared for the call.
  • A management system. This system allows managers and owners to determine the duration and price of treatments, define the skills of stylists, view all reports, compare sales and customer retention data, and analyze employee performance.
  • Salon marketing. The system sends automatic appointment reminders, announcements via email and SMS, and messages to individual customers or groups of customers. It also shares special offers and discounts.

Methodologies and technologies

Methodology: Scrum Technologies: Single-page application, .Net, C#, JavaScript, AngularJS

Outcome and benefits delivered

As a result of our collaboration, our partner got an application with a seamless user experience for both salon managers and customers. The new application has all the functionality necessary to automate booking, monitor cash flow, gather customer and employee data, analyze performance, and send reminders to clients.

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