Finance and Banking

Web Portal for Merchants with Full-Featured Users’ Subscription Management Package

A multifunctional merchant web portal that allows for have-it-all API integration with various subscription software, owned or third-party apps, to ensure collecting and management of all the data at one place and handling every aspect of users’ subscriptions.

Business Solutions Technologies Used

About our partner 

Our partner provides structural, quick and efficient assistance with the settlement of insolvency files via the in-house subscription application. It offers a clear view of customers’ subscriptions and realistic solutions for payment arrears and debt situations. Also, the application helps with terminating and managing users’ subscriptions. 

  • Industry: Finance and Banking
  • Market: Netherlands
  • Type: Web
  • Years in business: 5+
  • Cooperation with HYS Enterprise: 3 months
  • Team size: 6 engineers
  • Engagement model: Time and Material

About our partner’s challenges

Our partner has developed an application on iOS and Android for customers’ subscription management, but there was no web interface integrated with the application’s API. 

It meant that users had fewer opportunities to manage their subscriptions. Besides, the business was losing new potential customers who could be attracted by the web service and use it with the application’s API or with their subscription registration systems. 

What our partner needed

After several briefings, we’ve decided that the project was required for the development of a merchant web portal for two types of users. 

The first type of merchants included users who already had an account in the application. They would be able to check if the statuses of a subscription match or look at an overview of the payouts. 

The second type of merchants was users who may have their subscription registration systems and could use the portal to synchronize between their own package and application manually. For this type of users, the portal required additional features such as supporting different users’ roles and access for them accordingly. 

All features were described in detailed user stories to cover an entire scope of functionality. 

Solutions provided

  • Responsive Web UI for the merchant portal. When developing the portal, we used the Mendix platform and modified it with Java. As a result, we’ve developed a responsive web interface of the portal, which works according to the business logic. It supports two types of users, each of them has its range of features:
    • quick search and registration of new, expected and accepted subscriptions;
    • ability to add new subscriptions and update all the necessary information;
    • supporting different user roles such as admin, manager and user with the corresponding access to edit or view information;
    • accounting and filtering payouts.
  • Integration with application’s API (3rd party service). This integration allows users to use the API of the app developed by our partner in the web interface.
  • Implementation of a business logic part for customers with their subscription registration systems. In this case, users can synchronize their subscription software and use a convenient web interface that has all the necessary features for business: user roles, subscription management, and clear view of payments. When implementing this business logic, we used multitenancy approach to handle client’s data. It means that users can customize some parts of the applications and their data is isolated and remains invisible to other users.
  • Automated testing coverage that allowed us to develop and deploy the project without bugs. 

Development methodology:



Mendix, Java

Benefits delivered

Our collaboration resulted in the development of a merchant web portal that improves user engagement with the partner’s application. Besides, it enables new customers to integrate the merchant portal with their subscription software. As a result, they can search, view, change and add new subscriptions.

New features have significantly expanded the user base and brought a whole range of new options that make subscription management more effective. Merchant portal can help users to manage all the data at one place and handle every aspect of their subscriptions. It also simplifies the process of information extraction, saves time and effort in managing payments, and charging tasks.

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