Finance and Banking

Loan Management Solution to Execute and Manage Loans Faster

A more transparent and easier-to-use system that helps clients apply for loans faster as well as helps managers handle requests more effectively.

Business Solutions Technologies Used

About our partner

Our partner is an international FinTech startup that provides loans to entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses. The company provides short-term loans to companies giving them easy access to flexible financing.

  • Industry: Finance & Banking
  • Headquarters: Bussum, the Netherlands
  • Market: the Netherlands
  • Size: under 50 employees
  • Cooperation with HYS Enterprise: 3+ years

What our partner needed

The partner needed a service where users could apply for loans and a system for recording and processing these applications. HYS enterprise team was engaged in a project to develop the system from scratch.

Solutions provided

  • MVP with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters was developed by our team during the first few sprints
  • The third-party services – Helped facilitate loan application and processing
  • The second version of the client interface – Became more transparent for clients and allowed them to apply faster
  • An updated, simplified admin panel – Became more structured and easier for the client’s employees to use
  • Process automation, including an automated task system for employees – Helped boost the productivity of the partner’s internal team

Methodology and technologies

Methodology: Scrum

Technologies: PHP + MySQL PHP API, Symfony framework, AngularJS 1.5

Outcome and benefits delivered

As a result of our collaboration, our finance & banking partner obtained a brand new web platform with a transparent client interface, easy-to-use admin panel, and fully automated processes. By handing off a large number of responsibilities to HYS as an outsourcing partner, the startup got an opportunity to dedicate their efforts to business growth. During our collaboration, the company introduced an additional trademark in a similar direction and entered the UK market.

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