Automated Billing Solution to Cut Down the Process from Two Weeks to Two Days

The billing process automation that streamlines processes of the mobile virtual network operator.

Business Solutions Technologies Used

About our partner

Our partner is one of the biggest Sim-only mobile virtual network operators and providers of TV and internet services in the Netherlands.

  • Industry: Telecommunication
  • Headquarters: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Market: the Netherlands
  • Reach: over 250,000 customers
  • Cooperation with HYS Enterprise: 5+ years

About our partner’s challenges

Our partner’s previous development company couldn’t cope with the scope of work needed to maintain the service. The system wasn’t fully automated and a lot of processes were being done manually, which meant the company was wasting time and resources every day. Budget calculations and billing for the previous month took up to two weeks.

What our partner needed

Our client’s biggest goal was to develop a fully automated system so that billing would take a maximum of two days per month. In addition, our partners wanted HYS to fix all existing bugs, maintain the system, and develop new features as a long-term development partner.

Solutions provided

  • Rewrote the entire system — all functional modules of the service — one by one since the previous code was unmaintainable and not scalable
  • Rewrote the old website interface to make it more attractive and convenient
  • Migrated to another database, increasing performance
  • Сreated a fully automated system
  • Developed provisioning, billing, and customer care systems
  • Cut down the billing process to two days
  • Launched applications for iOS and Android that allow subscribers to keep an eye on their account and billing data, view current expenses in near real-time (use of minutes, text messages, and internet data), review invoices, and check subscription details
  • Launched a new portal that helps users control their expenses and manage their mobile numbers, block, resume, change subscriptions, renew contracts, buy extra subscriptions, and activate new Sim cards
  • Launched a risk scoring system for monitoring potential dangers
  • Developed provisioning of TV, DSL, and VoIP services

Methodology and technologies

Methodology: Scrum Technologies: .NET, C#, MS SQL

Outcome and benefits delivered

We completed all the tasks, including setting up new billing and provisioning systems, in six months. After that, we fixed all existing bugs and started developing new features and maintaining the service. During our work with the partner, their customer base has grown from 70,000 to 270,000. The company has also extended its offerings to TV and internet services. We’ve been working together for five years, but the project is still going!

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