They are proactively looking for new opportunities for us, and it feels like a real team.

Niels Jansen

Chief Technology Officer at Swishfund

I’m Niels Jansen, the CTO of Swishfund, and we’re working with HYS on our website and our backend systems.

Development process

We use an Agile methodology, which means that every two weeks they a deliver minimum viable product (MVP). First, I tell them this is how I want it. Then we have a workshop, normally via Skype, then after they understand what I mean we have some discussion back and forth and then they estimate the time they need to deliver the project – a minimum viable product – and then they start working.

Every two weeks they deliver, and there’s a hard deadline, including for me because we also need to test things. They deliver things, we get a few days for testing, and after two weeks we have the products, no matter what.

You might think that it’s not very flexible to have sprints predefined because you can’t deviate from the existing sprint, but for example if something for the business is getting into trouble – we have no leads on the website or something is really broken – they’re not saying ‘okay, now we have this sprint and we can’t do it now.’ I can call them day and night and if it’s really business vital, it will be solved.


It’s really beneficial to work from wherever I want, from whatever location, and be flexible in time and place. That’s for me really important, but also having a partner that’s flexible. Since I’m in the lead now and I’m working really with them, it feels like one team and we have one goal and they’re proactively looking for new opportunities for us and helping us out.

The agent came up with a name for the team, which is “the team – the choice of your dream.” It means that they’re really involved and they really have the best in mind for our business. Now I have the feeling that they really understand the business and they’re working together towards a goal, and the goal is to improve our business, our conversions, our customer experience on the website, and that’s something they are proactively pursuing now.

Success cases

Business solutions

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