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FiLogic: An All-in-One Cloud-Based Transportation Management System

A comprehensive cloud-based transport management system that provides order management, route optimization, billing, a planning board, a customer portal, and real-time reporting for all types of transport and logistics businesses.

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About our partner

FiLogic is an all-in-one transport management system (TMS) that’s fully cloud-based, flexible, and easy to use. Our partner is one of only a few cloud providers of TMS services in the Netherlands. Their software offers an exclusive approach they call the FiLogic Roadmap, which maps out a route from onboarding to consolidated growth for all types of transport businesses, regardless of carrier type and company size.

Industry: Transportation and logistics 

Headquarters: Haarlem, Noord Holland

Market: The Netherlands 

Years in business: 5+ 

Type: Cloud computing

Cooperation with HYS Enterprise: 5+ years

Team size: 4 engineers

Engagement model: Team extension 

About our partner’s challenges 

FiLogic planned to build a unique, innovative and easy to use TMS solution that’s affordable for both startups and enterprises.

In order to implement their idea, the FiLogic founders decided to collaborate with a nearshore software development provider according to the team extension model. They determined this would be the most productive and cost-effective way to respond to their shortage of technical talent. The FiLogic team has developed their project together with HYS Enterprise, who has provided developers that work directly with FiLogic’s in-house team.

What our partner needed

Their main requirement was a flexible team that could work as part of the business and that would be committed to the project’s success. 

“I expect from the development process that the hiring company should be copied to the remote team, so it becomes basically one. The remote team and the local team should work like one. The only difference is an internet cable between them, the physical distance only.” 

Marinus Brink, Co-founder and CTO of FiLogic

The project required building a feature-rich platform for transport management with the potential for continual expansion. This platform would be capable of handling different volumes of demand.  

At the start of cooperation, the project MVP had already been launched, so the next challenge was to develop it into a generic, fully cloud-based SaaS application. 

The set of required features wasn’t clearly defined. Following the Scrum methodology with continuous delivery principles, the development team added new features incrementally based on exciting clients’ feedbacks and adjusting to the new client’s requirements and types of transportation they offer.

Solutions provided

We provided turnkey development of a full-stack cloud-based SaaS application that covers the needs of all types of transportation and logistics companies. 

The new version of the FiLogic TMS offers the following functionality: 

Order management

  • Manual and automated order entry via the customer portal or API
  • Complete control over and a unified overview of all orders
  • Insights into the status of each order
  • The ability to transfer all orders to invoicing

Graphical planning board

  • Easy planning based on routes, goods/cargo and drivers
  • Ability to move items on the planning board via drag and drop and switch between planning boards
  • ETA and route optimization features
  • Planning for different departments
  • Map with route indications


  • Ability to quickly create and send invoices, add attachments and notes, and customize invoices for each user
  • Support for sending invoices in different formats (PDF, UBL)
  • Overview of all invoices

Route optimization

  • Automatic calculation of the most optimal routes
  • Accurate calculation of ETAs

Track & trace

  • Real-time information monitoring
  • Easy communication and the possibility to forward trip information
  • Features for navigation, scanning, and signing deliveries (available for iOS and Android via the FiLogic app)

Customer portal

  • Option to customize the portal to match the style and design of every client
  • Insights into order status
  • Ability to create new orders
  • Planned arrival times
  • Overview of waybills and notes

Customer deliveries

  • Automatic alerts on current delivery times and any changes by email, text message, and track & trace link

Packaging registration

  • Integration with the planning system to record and automatically register all package movements
  • Real-time overview of stock availability 

Barcode scanning 

  • Possibility to monitor a shipment’s location via smartphone by scanning a barcode

Management report

  • Insights into sales, trips, and customer information

Integration with modern APIs based on the latest web technology. FiLogic can be integrated into any ERP and WMS system. 

The features our developers implemented have already brought the first benefits to FiLogic. We’re still continuing to develop, extend, and maintain the system to make it the best TMS on the market.

Methodology and technologies  

Methodology: Agile, continuous delivery

Technologies: .NET, Java, Angular, .NET Core

Outcome and benefits delivered

Hands-on cooperation has brought about a comprehensive and efficient cloud-based SaaS application for transport management, which offers unique functionality remaining cost-effective.

We achieved this with a 100% cloud computing architecture, which allowed for a pay-per-use model so customers can pay only for resources they actually use. A cloud architecture also eliminates extra costs for service, software updates, and specific adjustments, which makes the FiLogic TMS smart, flexible, and user-friendly.

Offering all needed features under one roof at an affordable price, FiLogic has grown its customer base from 1 to 65, which means 50+ users every day, and doubles this number every year so far.  

“We want to become the number one in the Netherlands, and once we reach that in about 4–5 years, we want to expand to Europe. And then it will become really interesting.” 

Marinus Brink, Co-founder and CTO of FiLogic


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