Energy and Utilities

Unified Billing and Provisioning System for Maximum Efficiency

Unified billing and provisioning solution to stop wasting time and resources on maintaining several systems and platforms and boost overall business efficiency.

Business Solutions Technologies Used

About our partner

Our partner is one of the largest energy suppliers in the Netherlands with 400,000 household customers and 20,000 commercial accounts. The company offers telecommunications, internet, and television services and develops progressive products and services such as smart thermostats and apps, data services, solar concepts, and electric mobility solutions.

  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Headquarters: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Market: the Netherlands
  • Reach: 400,000 household customers
  • Cooperation with HYS Enterprise: 2,5+ years

About the partner’s challenges

The company offers energy, telecommunications, and internet services. The billing and provisioning processes for these services were implemented on several platforms including SAP and Mendix. Supporting these platforms appeared to be time-consuming and cost ineffective.

What our partner needed

Our client wanted to create a single billing and provisioning system for all the services that would perform all process flows starting from incoming orders and ending with a supply of service.

Solutions provided

  • Business analysis of existing systems and client requirements – Helped us develop an architecture for the project
  • Continuous integration and deployment – Enabled engineers to automate and manage the work of 24 engineers on 9 quality assurance environments with more than 40 services each. This helped teams collaborate easier and faster
  • Unified billing and provisioning systems now perform all necessary technical and financial checks for new customers with external systems, place orders to external systems, process the contract signing flow, perform billing and invoicing, send reminders for unpaid invoices, notify customers via email about events, export all financial events to the general ledger, perform reporting, and save backups of all data in the data warehouse
  • New business logic – Integrates and unites data from all the services was developed and implemented on the project

Methodologies and technologies

Methodology: Scrum Technologies: Bella, WebAPI, C#, .NET, MS SQL, ASP .NET, Single-Page Application approach, Angular 5, microservice architecture

Outcome and benefits delivered

Billing and provisioning are crucial processes in the telecommunications industry. Lack of automation in these processes may cost a lot of time and money. Fully automated systems helped our telecom partner streamline operations and processes, optimize cost and time, and take their business efficiency to the next level.

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