What I like the most about working with HYS Enterprise is the commitment of the people.

Marinus Brink

Co-Founder and CTO of FiLogic

My name is Marinus, I own FiLogic. FiLogic is a transport management system, served from the cloud. It’s a Dutch product, and we are one of the very few transport management systems that are fully operational from the cloud.

Easy communication 

The reason I chose HYS Enterprise as a long-term partner is that it’s a Dutch-based company with Dutch founders, which makes my communication towards management very, very easy. 

Dedicated team 

Another reason: the aspect I find very important is that I don’t hand over a project plan and the project is being executed according to the plan. We are working together in the form of team extension. So the teams are working together as part of my organization, of Filogic.

Continuous delivery 

We’ve been working using the Scrum methodologies until now. We had two-week sprints, which until now worked very well. Because our team is growing, we have an increasing number of developers and testers on the project, we feel like we need to be more flexible in the way we develop our software and, what’s more important, the way we deliver our new features to our customers. 

When we faced that issue, within the team, there were very good suggestions on how to change our development process in such a way that it would increase feature delivery. That’s what we’re starting to do right now. 

Basically, as soon as the feature is ready, we’re not going to wait for two weeks or for the end of the sprint for it to become available for a customer. No, we’re now able to release it, immediately. All covered because we have the right processes in place, we also have the right test automation in place, so we know that what we deliver is always of the right quality. 

The commitment of the people 

What I like the most about working with HYS Enterprise is the commitment of the people. Every time we deliver a very complicated feature, you’d notice immediately in all the team members within my group that they’re very committed to making it successful. Sometimes it’s hard work, sometimes it’s very complex work because the product we’re developing is very complex. But it doesn’t really matter how long they need to work on a specific topic, they will get the job done.

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