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01 Oct - 02 Oct, 2020

The Next Web Conference

The Next Web is a leading tech festival that brings people together to shape the future of tech. We’ll be glad to get in touch and discuss innovations and how tech can boost your business!

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Start Date: October 1, 2020
End Date: October 2, 2020
Venue: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Audience: digital minds, tech executives, investors, and startups

About event

The Next Web is an international conference that connects tech enthusiasts, startups and investors in one place. Topics reflect the latest trends in the tech industry and innovation challenges in various areas.


  • Trends: How is tech influencing consumer behaviour?
  • How to manage a 100% remote team
  • How to build a multi-cultural workplace
  • Deep retail insights: Using data for personalisation
  • A-Commerce: Automating the customer journey
  • Logistic innovation: Streamlining the supply chain
  • ReThink: Citizen engagement, climate crisis and consumption models
  • Global SDG’s: How tech can manage and monitor change
  • A new economic model that helps close the inequality gap
  • Intelligent city infrastructure: The stakeholder view
  • Scaling the company: Lessons from a unicorn
  • Data-driven marketing: Understanding consumer behaviour
  • Conversational analytics and the future of virtual assistants
  • AI in healthcare

Why attend

This event is a great platform for networking with digital minds, startups and investors. You can catch up with peers to share experience and find like-minded people from over the world! Drop us a line if you want to meet the HYS team and discuss any tech topics, we’ll be glad to get in touch.

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