June 19, 2020

Remote Workout at HYS Enterprise

2020 turned out to be intense and full of unpredictable events. Almost all IT companies switched to remote work, and HYS Enterprise was no exception. This work mode is quite common in our industry, but there are processes needed to be adapted to the new format.

Any desk job more or less affects our health, especially when it comes to IT. So, we organized online sports events that helped our contractors to keep themselves in great shape.

Alyona Petrukhina
Content Marketing Manager

Stretching. Coach — Yana Muntyanova

Every Monday morning we have stretching online training with Yana Muntyanova (QA Engineer at HYS Enterprise). This is her hobby and she is excited to share it with her colleagues.

Stretching helps to work out the most inaccessible muscles and ligaments, tighten the skin, and make the body more flexible. The main advantage of such training is no stress on the heart. And another huge plus of stretching is posture correction. By stretching the muscles, you can achieve any results in a short period – leg split, strengthening the back, or losing weight. And all this without intense physical activities!

Intensive Yoga with Yuliia Kravchuk

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we have intensive training with Yuliia Kravchuk. We can enjoy online training with an amazing Sharm el-Sheikh background, where the coach lives now.

Intensive yoga, also called dynamic, is the classical form of yoga, but at a fast pace. Training includes strength and static exercises. Such exercises give our body the opportunity to throw out all the accumulated energy and then relax it. The fast pace during the workouts allows us to work out joints and muscles pretty well. It is also a good chance to eliminate the effects of stress and make yourself feel better.


Julia about working in quarantine:

‘In a flash, the world changed and we had to stay in our homes with our fears, worries, and anxieties. Our emotional state directly affects our health and the best way to improve emotional and physical health is to do sports. It’s also important to keep in touch with the world, friends, and colleagues. So our training is not only about good physical shape, but it’s also a great way to relieve stress and stay in touch with each other. I hope that all of us tried something new during this time. For example, I tried myself in the role of an online coach.’

Hatha Yoga with Anastasiia Ozden

On Wednesday and Friday morning, we practice yoga with Anastasia Ozden. She has been practicing hatha yoga for more than 4 years and finished the teachers’ course.

The basic principle of Hatha Yoga practices is to develop body flexibility, strengthen the spine muscles, and work out the joints. The practice consists of consecutive asanas with special breathing exercises and concentration. While exercising, you shouldn’t put extra effort, there should be no tension in the body. The asana should be comfortable to achieve a result. Anastasiia chose the most convenient and easy practices for us. So the guys with different levels could practice. Hatha yoga helps to rest, get rid of tension, and relax the whole body.

Anastasiia Ozden:

‘In the beginning, it was unusual to work online. But after a couple of training, I got used to it. Our mental health allows us to adapt to everything. Online teaching is a new, but as it turned out, promising area. I know that some people like activities at home more and they want to continue them even after quarantine.’

Starting in March, we have regular online training at HYS Enterprise. It has become a new and awesome tradition of our company.

Despite the fact that some sports centers are already open, the guys continue to exercise remotely.

‘I exercise with my wife. I really like training, especially this is an additional opportunity to spend time with her. Although in the beginning, she didn’t want to train.’

Igor Polischuk, IOS Developer


‘Life during quarantine has turned into a full sitting-lying mode.Online sport helped me a lot. Sport helps to relax, gives strength, and inspires new achievements!’

Vladislav Smorodskiy, PHP Developer

‘These activities helped to distract. It reminded me of circuit training, a great opportunity for the period when there is no way to go to the gym. So I like it.’

Vadim Pykhalov, QA Engineer


As a result, we had a great practice. Training improves the reaction and concentration of attention. It becomes easier to concentrate on work. Morning workout makes a day more productive and helps to switch from one task to another.

Many thanks to our coaches for this great experience.