Technology Migration

Migrating an existing application from old, obsolete technology to more functional technology will undoubtedly unlock opportunities for business growth. The most advanced technologies will ensure better security, stability, and flexibility and allow businesses to grow their customer base and improve functionality.

Technology migration services remove limits to business growth

When technologies behind an app become outdated, it can put limitations on business development. When starting out as a small startup, companies can’t predict how big and bulky their applications may become. But one day, they find their business hampered by legacy technologies that no longer allow them to expand functionality, handle existing tasks, and respond to market demand and audience expectations. At this point, companies should consider migrating to a new technology.

Starting with analyzing your application’s architecture, we define the critical drawbacks of your current technologies, create a migration strategy, and start the move. We deliver enhancements incrementally while minimizing downtime and productivity losses. We cover everything – rewriting an app in ReactJS, switching from PHP to Java or from Java 0.5 to Java 0.8, handling the entire application re-engineering process – to keep your business on top of the game and allow you to outpace competitors.

What you get

  • Planning and analysis
  • Requirements development
  • Migration preparation
  • Implementation of the technology upgrade
  • Documentation
  • Optimization and support
  • No loss of productivity
  • No downtime

What we do:

Bring your business idea and our experts will handle every stage of the product development lifecycle to get your application up and running.

Who we serve:

Strong cross-industry expertise, over a decade of experience, and passion for your success help us deliver reliable software solutions to shake up your industry.

Energy and Utilities

Web and mobile platform for managing contracts, consumption, assets, resources, payments and other components of complex infrastructure.

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Travel and Leisure

Web and mobile travel portals, aggregator and comparison sites, and online booking and payment systems to serve your customers better.

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Transport and Logistics

An efficient supply chain with process and asset management software, planning, optimization, and LBS solutions.

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Finance and Banking

Powerful financial software for internet banking, core banking, accounting, risk management, and any other use case.

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Everything from operations and business support systems, network configuration, and provisioning to order management, billing, and CRMs.

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Retail and E-commerce

Solutions for all kinds of online and B&M stores, covering data management, CRMs, inventory management, ordering, and accounting.

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