Proof of Concept (POC)

A fully formed proof of concept, or PoC, gives you an opportunity to test the market for your idea and check its technical feasibility before investing significant time and money. Moreover, proof of concept can prove the potential of your idea when negotiating with stakeholders and investors.

Proof of concept development to introduce innovation with confidence

A proof of concept is the best possible way to assess the market viability and technical feasibility of a business idea before going too far into the development process, as well as to test drive an outsourcing partner.

To start developing a PoC, a development company needs nothing more than an initial understanding of the project and its purpose. Our business analysts, architects, and engineers can help you crystalize the concept and conduct research to find out if your idea strikes a chord with the target audience. After that, they can validate that this idea can be brought to life from the technical perspective, taking into account the available budget and time. From here, they can find the most efficient technology stack and strategy to attain the desired outcome.

A proof of concept is designed to give a business the green light for further development, and can be followed by the development of an MVP and prototype. This allows companies to reduce the risk of project failure, make sure of the project’s feasibility, and demonstrate that feasibility to stakeholders and potential investors.

What you get

  • Free consultation
  • Market research
  • Pilot project
  • Proof of technology
  • Roadmap design
  • Reduced technical risks
  • Fast delivery
  • No budget overruns
  • Elimination of problem areas

What we do:

Bring your business idea and our experts will handle every stage of the product development lifecycle to get your application up and running.

Who we serve:

Strong cross-industry expertise, over a decade of experience, and passion for your success help us deliver reliable software solutions to shake up your industry.

Energy and Utilities

Web and mobile platform for managing contracts, consumption, assets, resources, payments and other components of complex infrastructure.

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Travel and Leisure

Web and mobile travel portals, aggregator and comparison sites, and online booking and payment systems to serve your customers better.

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Transport and Logistics

An efficient supply chain with process and asset management software, planning, optimization, and LBS solutions.

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Finance and Banking

Powerful financial software for internet banking, core banking, accounting, risk management, and any other use case.

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Everything from operations and business support systems, network configuration, and provisioning to order management, billing, and CRMs.

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Retail and E-commerce

Solutions for all kinds of online and B&M stores, covering data management, CRMs, inventory management, ordering, and accounting.

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