October 16, 2018

HYS Enterprise Is All in the Same Boat. Literally!

Throwback to September 1st when the whole HYS Enterprise team had a great time at the Rock’n’Roll Boat Party!

Anna Rud
Blog Editor of HYS Enterprise

At HYS Enterprise, every team member faces similar challenges every day, which means we’re all in the same boat.

I know — so many companies use this idiom when talking about their teams. But our event managers prefer doing to saying. They decided to take this idiom literally.

No, they didn’t force us to get into a boat and row back to shore together to feel the team spirit. They organized a fantastic Rock ‘n’ Roll boat party instead!

Let’s see how it was

Spending time somewhere far from the city fuss and listening to good music is the best way to forget about work and have a blast together. That’s why our Rock ‘n’ Roll boat put out to sea!

A wonderful city view, delicious food, hookah, fun contests, and a DJ playing old rock ‘n’ roll music made our corporate event unforgettable and gave us a feeling of unfettered freedom.

In the middle of the party, HYS Enterprise co-founder and CEO Yuri Warczynski gave a quick speech to the team:

Can you guess one thing each HYS Enterprise member has in common? Well, maybe we’re not real rock stars, but you all are rock stars at what you do. And this is how you got here.

Co-founder and CEO Hans Uithol, in turn, contended that actually he’s a rock star as he played in a rock band when he was a student.

What do you mean, I’m not a real rock star?

Boat parties have one indisputable advantage: no one can leave the party, even if it’s super boring, so co-workers will eventually hit it off ;)

Fortunately, this wasn’t just a cunning plan by the organizing team. The party was just perfect, and I’m sure that no one would have left even if they could have! Here’s a photo of our happy team just to prove it:

Another crazy corporate photo

At HYS Enterprise, we know how to work hard, but we also know how to party. This party was our own way to say goodbye to summer and meet the new season along with new projects and new challenges!

By the way, could you imagine yourself somewhere in the middle of this photo? If you think the photo would look even better with your smiling face in it, check out our current openings on our website or Facebook page for a chance to be in the picture next time!

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