HYS Academy invites 

Take an Internship Course for Back-End

  • if you want to become a C # developer
  • if you are willing and ready to work
  • if you want to start working in an IT company
  • If your level of English is Intermediate
  • if you live in Odesa or Kyiv 
<3-month training/>

Who might be interested?

Recent tech graduates who want to improve their skills in a real-case scenario before the Internship.



Undergraduate students who are ready for further employment.

Those who want to change their field of activity and have already studied independently or attended IT courses.

Front-end course

Benefits for you

Minimum of theory and maximum of practice

The ability to assess your strengths in real cases

An opportunity to get an Internship at HYS Enterprise

HYS enterprise

Why our company?

HYS Enterprise provides an opportunity for ambitious, result-oriented developers to start their career and actively grow and develop within the company.

Our personal mission is to contribute to the development of the IT community in Odessa and Ukraine. For over 10 years we have been using internships for development of young specialists and for creating new workplaces. We are especially proud when yesterday’s intern became the Team-lead of the project.

Usually interns work from the office located in Odesa (lunch, the variety of delicacies, a recreation area, a lounge area on the roof and a prepared workplace with techniques).  Today, training and internships are temporarily held remotely. After completing the internship, the candidate moves to the position of Junior Specialist.

theoretical training 

What do you need to know to get an internship?

  • OOP principles and use cases
  • Reference and Value types
  • Passing an argument by reference and by value
  • Boxing and Unboxing
  • Garbage collector
  • Dispose and Finalize methods
  • Using statement
  • Interfaces, Implicit and Explicit implementation
  • Generics
  • Collections and algorithm complexity
  • Lazy evaluation, IEnumerable interface, yield return statement
  • Delegates
  • Events

How and when will we learn?

The course consists of 24 sessions.

A new recruitment of candidates starts every quarter.

Format – master class, 2 times a week.

Each meeting incorporates both theoretical and practical training.

Homework and testing are used to reinforce knowledge.


Internship Course for Back-End Developers

how to join?

Stages of the course:

Participating in the course+certificate

Internship interview at HYS Enterprise