about hys enterprise

HYS Enterprise is a direct subsidiary of the Netherlands based HYS Holding group of companies having an international presence in three countries. Established in 2007, the group is responsible for over one hundred employees worldwide.

A privately held corporation, HYS Enterprise was created as an idea to provide offshore outsourcing software development and services.

In HYS Enterprise, passionate people and finely-honed processes synergize to provide maximum efficiency and focus on increasing the core business values of our clients.

Our offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Ukraine enable our clients to leverage the unmatched benefits of outsourcing without compromising on quality of service.

Whether building a new custom system for a client, fixing a derailed project, or helping to align software development with business goals, HYS Enterprise delivers. Our customers observe visible results within weeks, not months or years, a fact we are proud of and one most appreciated by our clients.

mission statement

HYS Enterprise is a Professional IT company, and as such, we understand our responsibility is not only to stay current with the technology, but also to be part of its cutting edge.

We are a growing company. We believe that our growth has been fueled by great services and products that we provide to satisfied clients.

Our mission is to not only continue to utilize the expertise and experience that we currently possess, but to provide outsourcing solutions by integrating people, processes and technology.


With the successful implementation of hundreds of business processes and software development projects for companies around the world, HYS Enterprise is proud to present its talented and dynamic management team, willing and capable of managing our client's needs, no matter how large or small.

With a clear sense of our personal principles and priorities, we are ready to bring our skills into focus on the needs of the client.


Co-Founder and CEO

Hans Uithol has more than 30 years experience in management in the software development industry, ranging from real time systems in telecom and banking to application software for insurance agencies. As part of Ball Labs and Lucent Technologies, he managed the development, integration and rollout of systems using cutting edge technology with high quality standards.

Hans manages client contracts and relationships even in very stressful situations and has always been able create an atmosphere where both the client and his company were extremely satisfied with the end result.


Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Yuri has guided HYS Enterprise in the development of expertise in project & portfolio management, business analysis, Agile development, large scale software development utilizing highly distributed teams, operations management and business process management.

During the last 9 years, Yuri has provided IT services to clients in the insurance, banking, GSM, energy, leasing, retail, transportation and software development industries. He has also directed large projects at companies including Credit Europe Bank, Aspider Solutions and Blue Sea Technology.