Intern AI Prompt Engineer

We are looking for an Intern AI Prompt Engineer to join our team.


Upper-Intermediate+ English level;
Passionate about AI;
Capability to craft comprehensive, impactful prompts;
Exceptional problem-solving abilities and innovative thinking in devising conversational pathways;
Capacity to manage multiple projects concurrently within a dynamic environment.
Based in Ukraine (with the option for occasional office visits).

Would Be a Plus

Some knowledge of conversational AI and prompt development, preferably with expertise in OpenAI’s Assistant API;
Sound comprehension of natural language processing and AI communication principles;

About project

Our tool helps non-technical specialists create AI agents in CrewAI for business tasks using the Google Sheets interface, bypassing direct coding work in CrewAI.


Develop and execute conversational prompts tailored to our contractor’s needs;
Collaborate closely with our technical team to ensure smooth integration and functionality across diverse messaging platforms;
Continuously assess and refine prompts to enhance interaction quality and user satisfaction;
Remain abreast of the latest advancements in AI and conversational design to implement state-of-the-art solutions.

HR Contacts

We’re proud of our team and are always on the lookout for people who share our vision and values so we can deliver amazing results together.



You have a great chance to do your favorite thing remotely or in an office (depending on location).


You will find a team of like-minded people who support your ideas and autonomy here.


You won’t ever get bored by trivial monotonous work. Intellectual projects with a challenge from European clients are waiting for you.


We are constantly learning and sharing knowledge. Develop your career to top positions and build a personal speaker brand with us.


Our corporate culture focuses on understanding, mutual support, education and inspiration.

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